Staff ESH Engineer – Brookhaven National Laboratory

Position Description

Candidate will be responsible to provide expertise, guidance and support to Laboratory management and staff in areas of General Industry and Construction, as well as Safety Engineering (Mechanical). In the course of these duties, make recommendations and participate in the development and maintenance of management systems and programs, which support Laboratory operations, products, or services.  Candidate will participate in design reviews and readiness evaluations of equipment and facilities for environmental, safety, and health to ensure compliance with laboratory requirements.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

·     Prevent work-related injuries, ill health, and incidents.

·     Comply with BNL’s occupational safety and health requirements.

·     Provide input on safety and health to supervisor and to organization’s management.

·     Perform work effectively, efficiently, and safely.

·     Cooperate with and assist other staff with facility specific training needs.

·     Keep capabilities and qualifications current, including completing required training for assigned tasks and work location.

·     Comply with Laboratory policies, standards, and procedures, and regulatory requirements.

·     Identify, report, and protect intellectual property and other proprietary information.

·     Maintain awareness of BNL’s ES&H Policy, environmental impact of work, and apply pollution prevention and waste minimization techniques.

·     Identify potential hazards, environmental concerns, and unsafe conditions or practices in work or at work site, and implement or suggest controls to minimize risk, and provide feedback for improvement, as appropriate.

·     Cease work activity, and/or issue a Stop Work Order upon observing imminent danger and report the danger immediately to supervisor or ESH Manager.

·     Adhere to instructions on location warning signs and postings.

·     Assist in performance of all industrial safety tasks as directed by the Safety and Health Tech. Services Supervisor

·     Respond to internal and external requests for information and guidance on issues related to Safety and Health issues;

·     Develop procedures, Subject Areas, and guidelines, with input from stakeholders, for use by the Safety & Health Services (SHSD), or the entire Laboratory;

·     Review and assist in the evaluation and development of documents, policies, standards, guidelines, procedures and other requirements or drivers for conformance with Lab objectives, in compliance with laws, regulations, and best business practices;

·     Make appropriate recommendations to management related to assigned functions;

·     Respond to the scene of emergencies, alarms, occurrences, accidents, and incidents in accordance with assigned functions;

·     As assigned, participate and/or lead investigations of accidents, events, incidents, illnesses, and injuries.

·     Lead or participate in assessments of programs and subject areas for Safety & Health Services Division

(Selected individual will be placed on an appropriate level commensurate with experience and qualifications.)

Position Requirements

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

·     A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in an Engineering, Scientific, or Environment, Safety, and Health (ESH) discipline.

·     Three years’ work experience as a mechanical, project, or safety engineer/manager, in an industrial, construction, or scientific setting.

·     A demonstrated ability to effectively initiate and lead projects or programs working with and applying Federal, local, and industry codes and regulations, specifically OSHA.

·     Excellent written and oral communication skills.

·     Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint).

·     Customer service skills and ability to work as a team are essential.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

·     Safety Professional credential (ASP/CSP) is highly desirable.

·     Previous work experience in a Department of Energy facility is a big plus.

·     Familiarity with mechanical and facility safety codes and standards such ASME, CGA, NFPA, and ANSI (An engineering background would be helpful but not required).

Environmental, Health & Safety Requirements:

·     Must be capable of climbing ladders and scaffolds to perform inspections of equipment, facilities, as well as construction sites, and able to lift up to 30 pounds.

·     Must be able to wear respiratory protection, hearing protective devices, basic construction personnel protective equipment.

·     This position may occasionally require working after hours or on weekends and respond to emergency situations.

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