Facility Safety Consultant – Intuitive Safety Solutions, Inc.

Facility Safety Consultant

Intuitive Safety Solutions, Inc (ISS) is seeking a consultant for a large combined cycle power plant in Long Island City, NY.

A qualified candidate must have large facility and power plant operations experience.  Construction and outage experience may be considered, but operations experience is preferred.  It is essential to have excellent written and verbal communication skills for reporting to management, safety staff and the plant’s 160 employees.  This is a union environment, so experience working with unions is preferred.  The ability to multi task, handle daily meetings, audits, education is required accompanied by the addition of a coaching style that supports the plants safety culture.

The role includes serving as an interim safety manager for the operations and maintenance contractor who currently operates the facility.

The assignment is set for six months with 40 hours of work per week, $55.00 per hour, per diem at $200.00 per day and tolls and parking reimbursed on receipts.  ISS provides full benefits, to include medical/dental/vison and a 401K plan option.

Candidate must mobilize to the site using personal transportation as well as for daily commuting.  No stipend will be provided for the use of a personal vehicle, however, mileage shall be paid at the IRS rate based on Mapquest for mobilization.  Travel time shall be paid for up to 10 hours and per diem shall be paid for day(s) traveled.

Interested candidates should send resume, references and certifications to careers@iss-safe.com.

ISS is an equal opportunity employer.  To learn more about ISS, please visit our website at www.intuitivesafetysolutions.com.