November Virtual Technical Meeting

Habit Forming Safety Training

Wednesday, November 10th, 2021 | 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

The habit of safety is the elusive “common sense” that safety professionals chase. We say it doesn’t exist, but we can influence its existence in training settings. Once The Safety Habit is built or discovered, no one can take it away from you or the person you have impacted.

This session is your chance to learn from a practical, creative, and influential safety professional and receive encouragement to listen to your own internal voice and learn strategies to help workers cultivate their own safety habits through training.

Presenter: Abby Ferri, CSP

Abby is a Senior Risk Control Consultant for Gallagher providing risk management solutions for multiple industries, including construction. She is the Vice Chair of the ASSP/ISEA Z590.6 Technical Report Committee on Guidance for the Fit and Selection of Personal Protective Equipment and Apparel Available for Women.

Abby is the Past-President of the Northwest Chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), and Past-Administrator of the Women in Safety Excellence common interest group of the ASSP. She is a frequent conference speaker, podcast host and guest, and author of The Safety Habit book available on Amazon Kindle and The Safety Consultant Toolkit book available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperback.

View recording of meeting here